Nutritional Therapy


One-on-one clients receive completely personalized support in person or online.

We will assess your symptoms with an online health questionnaire and use your health concerns to prioritize your goals and create a tailored nutritional protocol.

Check-ins are used for accountability and support.

Resources are provided to simplify the process.  

For local clients, a clinical hands-on assessment helps identify specific points on the body that need targeted support.

In some cases, nutritional supplementation may be recommended.


Heal-Thy Self Package: $200 

3 Sessions (one on one)

Nutritional Consultation

  • Health History Review
  • Symptom Questionnaire (online)
  • Food/Mood Journal Analysis
  • Personalized Nutritional + Lifestyle Recommendations

Ongoing Support

Meal Prep Resources


Additional Services

$75 Nutritional Consultation

$125 Full-Body-Function Assessment*

  • For local clients
  • Clinical hands-on assessment using reflex points
  • Identify specific points on the body requiring targeted support
  • Lingual-Nuero Testing used to determine supplements to which the body responds best

*Requires nutritional consultation - includes personalized supplement protocol

$50 Grocery Store Visit

Do you find yourself asking: What's the difference between pastured and cage-free eggs? Which almond butter is best? Should I buy organic avocados? 

  • Guided tour helps you shop with confidence!

$60 Individual Support Sessions